Expect To Connect With A Live Gingerbread Trim Expert Every Time You Call River Valley Custom Millwork

Learn more about our custom millwork services! Our experts have years of experience designing, building and installing gingerbread trim for houses. We have a passion for restoring homes, and we go to great lengths to maintain historical accuracy in every detail of the decorative millwork we produce. When you call River Valley Custom Millwork, you can expect to deal with respectful, professional gingerbread trim experts who share your excitement for restoring Victorian homes. Don’t waste your time looking for advice or solutions in big-box hardware stores. Let our experts guide you step-by-step through the entire restoration process.

River Valley Custom Millwork Has A Solution For Every Budget from Precise Customization to Pre-Fabricated Designs

Don’t let budget issues prevent you from starting the restoration project of your dreams. Our pre-fabricated corbels, gable pediments and window trim kits are an easy way to add Victorian style to your home without breaking the bank. For those interested in deeper customization, we can match the design of your existing gingerbread trim or help you come up with something completely new and unique to your home.

We Are The Industry Leaders In Heat-Bent PVC Custom Millwork

At River Valley Custom Millwork, we’re committed to refining old and trusted building techniques using modern technology. The process of heat bending allows us to create moldings, trimboards, arches and ovals out of one smooth, solid piece of PVC. Using high quality PVC offers distinct advantages over traditional wood trim including: increased durability and a much longer lifespan.

Working With Gingerbread Trim Experts Gives You Peace of Mind Through Every Step of the Process

Restoring a historic home is a labor of love, and we take great care in treating your home like it’s one of ours. In every step of the restoration process from taking accurate measurements to design and installation, our gingerbread trim experts are here to share their knowledge and experience with you to make the process easy to digest. We take pride in our custom millwork services, and we are dedicated to providing you with only the best gingerbread trim for houses.

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