Custom Decorative Door and Window Trim Adds Value and Unique Style

On most residential streets it’s common to see dozens of houses with the same cookie-cutter window shutters and entries. Installing decorative door and window trim is a simple way to give your home a unique style and make it stand out. If you’re restoring a Victorian home or simply want to add character to the exterior of your house, River Valley Customs can customize door and window trim to meet your exact design specifications. Our process relies on timeless design and building techniques to ensure quality and modern materials to increase the performance and reliability of our products.

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Transform Your Front Entrance With Decorative Door and Window Trim That Lasts Longer Than Wood

Decorative trim can turn an average front door into a welcoming entry, adorned with intricate design and detail. At River Valley Customs, we create door and window trim kits that look and feel exactly like real wood. Unlike traditional wood moldings that can crack, warp or rot, our trim is made from extremely durable PVC, a synthetic wood alternative that is impervious to damage from moisture and insects. If you choose River Valley Customs, you’ll never have to worry about replacing your door or window trim again.

Save Time On Window Trim With Our Pre-Fabricated Designs

When you work with River Valley Customs, our main goal is to make working with gingerbread trim a simple and easy process. For those who want the look of gingerbread trim on a budget, River Valley Customs has a line of standard pre-fabricated designs to choose from. Made from the same high-quality PVC, our pre-fabricated window trim options offer the do-it-yourself customer a simple and easy way to breathe life into the exterior of their house without breaking the bank.

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