Enjoy Our Simple and Easy Process for Ordering Gingerbread Trim

Ordering gingerbread trim made specifically to fit your house from River Valley Customs is a painless process. Whether you have designs already picked out and are ready to build or you’re just starting to think about a restoration project, we’re here to listen and guide you you get what you need.

Work With a Gingerbread Trim Expert One-On-One, Every Time

At River Valley Customs, we share our customers’ passion for gingerbread trim and the timeless style of Victorian era construction. Enjoy the benefit of having a gingerbread trim expert to talk to over the phone, one-on-one, any time you need answers, help or advice. Our experts have the knowledge and experience building and installing gingerbread trim to help you through every step of the process and we’ll also work closely with your contractor to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Expect Responsive, Professional Service And Custom Designs.

When you work with River Valley Customs you have access to gingerbread trim expert who will:

  • Give price estimates for different options.

  • Help you select from pre-fabricated designs or design new custom trim pieces.

  • Keep you updated to ensure that custom designs meet your specifications.

  • Work with your contractor or the person who will be installing your gingerbread trim.

High Quality Materials That Stand the Tests of Time

We use high quality PVC materials from Royal Mouldings in all of our gingerbread trim construction. PVC is a synthetic wood alternative that offers superior performance to wood trim at a much lower price. By using PVC you don’t have to worry about replacing your cracked, rotten or termite-infested trim every few years.

Precision Customization To Match Your Existing Gingerbread Trim

Trust the gingerbread experts for your next restoration project. River Valley Customs is the industry leader in using heat-bending and other cutting age technology to restore and replace dilapidated wood with new durable PVC that looks and feels exactly like your existing gingerbread trim.

Contact Us To Start A Gingerbread Trim Restoration Project Today!