Install Your Gingerbread Trim With Help From The Experts at River Valley Customs

At River Valley Customs, we’re committed to making every part of the restoration process simple and easy for our customers. At the early stages, we help you easily understand how to collect accurate measurements and pull designs from your existing gingerbread trim. During production, we keep you updated on progress to ensure that our customizations meet your design specifications. Once you receive the finished product, our experts are on call with resources and real experience to share, ensuring that your installation goes smoothly and easily.

Finishing Kits and Fasteners Make Gingerbread Trim Installation Easier Than Ever

Our fasteners and finishing kits make installing your standard or custom designed pieces easier than ever before. At River Valley Customs, we know exactly what you’re up against because we have years of experience building and installing gingerbread trims ourselves. After working with materials that require special tools to install and techniques for proper blending, we decided to simplify the process for our customers and created fasteners and finishing kits designed specifically for our products. Don’t spend unnecessary time and money on a complicated setup; trust the experts with gingerbread trim experience to give you the tools and knowledge you need for a stress free installation.

We Offer Complete Gingerbread Trim Installation Services to Customers Located Within 50 Miles of Harrisonburg, Virginia

Trust your installation to Virginia’s most trusted company for gingerbread trim restoration. If you live within 50 miles of our main office in the city of Harrisonburg, Virginia, we will travel to your home to complete your gingerbread trim installation on site. For our customers who reside outside of our accessible service area, we can work closely with you or your contractor to provide valuable resources and ensure that the installation goes smoothly.

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