Hand-Made Gingerbread Trim From the Heartland of the East Coast

River Valley Customs is nestled in the Heartland of the East Coast in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. The area is flush with Victorian homes and anecdotes from America’s rich history. We use regionally sourced raw materials and manufacture most of our products in-house. This allows us to produce beautiful decorative millwork and gingerbread trim that embodies the quality and craftsmanship people expect of American-made products.

Our Passion For Decorative Millwork and Historic Restoration Runs Deep

We share a unique passion with our customers for gingerbread trim and restoring historic homes. Our deep knowledge of Victorian construction and high standards for craftsmanship lend to a process that produces beautiful pieces of decorative millwork that are authentic and historically accurate to the time period. Everyone at River Valley Customs has restoration experience. Additionally, most of our own homes are adorned with custom gingerbread trim produced right in our factory.

Our Simple Process Makes Your Gingerbread Trim Restoration Stress Free

Working with River Valley Customs will take the stress out of any restoration project. Our experts have extensive knowledge and experience designing, building and installing gingerbread trim. Furthermore, our process offers scalable production of any customized pieces. We can match the look of your existing trim or help you come up with a completely new design for your historic home.

PVC Decorative Millwork Is A Low-Maintenance Alternative That Looks and Feels Like Real Wood

All of our gingerbread trim is made from incredibly durable PVC. This synthetic material not only looks and feels exactly like wood, but offers a number of advantages. Unlike traditional wood trim, our high-quality PVC is impervious to weather and insects and only requires a spray from the garden hose to clean. Also, if you choose PVC gingerbread trim from River Valley Customs, you won’t have to worry about replacing cracked, warped, rotten or bug-infested trim ever again.

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