Restore Your Farmhouse or Victorian Home With Custom Hand-Made Gingerbread Trim from River Valley Customs

Restoring gingerbread trim allows a historic home to tell its story for years beyond the life of its original construction. Over the years, exposure to weather and normal wear-and-tear can damage your columns, corbels, and gable decorations beyond repair. River Valley Customs works with you to collect accurate measurements and ensure that our custom made pieces meet your exact specifications and restore your gingerbread trim to its original charm.

Revitalize the Gingerbread Trim Style with Materials that Last Longer than Wood

At River Valley Customs, we create beautiful and unique pieces of decorative millwork using low-maintenance materials that look and feel exactly like real wood. Unlike wood, new materials like PVC and other synthetic wood alternatives will never warp, crack, or rot. They are impervious to moisture, salt, and insects, and you can simply hose them down when they get dirty. Using PVC maintains the classic gingerbread style without the hassle and maintenance of wood materials that damage easily and quickly show age.

PVC Precision Allows for Endless Customization to Match Your Existing Trim

Our gingerbread trim experts have the experience and precision craftsmanship required to match your home’s existing trim. By using a blend of age old techniques and new technology we’re able to bend, cut and pierce one solid piece of PVC into the exact design your restoration project requires. We are the industry leaders in using heat-bending technology to craft PVC and other synthetic wood materials into beautiful gingerbread trim.

Save With Our Pre-Fabricated Designs

Pre-fabricated gingerbread trim makes your home stand out without breaking the bank. For those who are not interested in matching existing trim, River Valley Customs offers a selection of standard pre-fabricated designs to choose from. Made of the same durable and low-maintenance PVC, our pre-fabricated designs are a perfect solution for the do-it-yourself customer looking to transform their cottage into a Victorian style home or begin a restoration.

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