Custom Decorative Corbels Add Unique Style and Structural Support to Your Front Porch

Corbels and brackets are designed give your home a unique sense of style while supporting important architectural features like roofs and balconies. With custom corbels from River Valley Customs, you can preserve the spirit of your Victorian home for years to come without the worries of constant maintenance or the need to replace old and rotting wood. Our gingerbread trim experts make the process of restoring your custom corbels easier than ever before.

High Quality Craftsmanship That Stays True to Historical Victorian Style

Historical restoration is our passion and our experience shows it. Restoring gingerbread trim requires a love of Victorian style and a keen attention to detail. At River Valley Customs our high standards for craftsmanship, quality and historical accuracy drive us to create corbels that evoke strength and permanence while staying true to Victorian style down to the finest details.

No-Hassle, Low-Maintenance PVC Corbels Look Like Real Wood and Last a Lifetime

Throughout history most decorative millwork was done with solid wood, which is highly susceptible to rot, damage from weather and insects, and generally known to have a relatively short lifespan. At River Valley Customs, we use the same style and techniques as Victorian era builders with high quality PVC materials to create hand-made corbels that look and feel like real wood but require barely any maintenance. Don’t be discouraged by the thought of having to replace your corbels again in 4 or 5 years; corbels from River Valley Customs will last a lifetime.

Standard Corbel Designs From River Valley Customs Can Save You Time and Money

If you’re not matching existing trim work and want a fresh new design, standard corbels from River Valley Customs can help you achieve the desired result on a smaller budget. Made of the same high-quality PVC materials, our customers can choose from a line of pre-fabricated corbels that can be produced quickly and add to the aesthetic of your home without breaking the bank.

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